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Deliveries of the equipment under catalogs from Germany Deliveries of the equipment under catalogs from Germany
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Dear ladies and gentlemens!

The company "AMTH" presents to your attention automatic, semi-automatic and manual equipment, brand made in Germany. With our experience, you can: improve production, reduce project implementation time, significantly reduce the financial costs - because we offer the client exactly what he really needed. We offer: high quality, reasonable price and timely delivery. We will be happy to provide technical support and information.

Heat-Cutters, Germany


Heat-Cutters, is a powerful and convenient tool for thermo cutting synthetic fabrics, ropes, belts. Our heat-cutters designed for thermal separation (cutting) and simultaneously welding of the edges of the cut material.

Cutting foam, Germany


Tools for cutting styrofoam with a wide variety of choice ranging from manual devices and finishing tables for cutting styrofoam boards up to 720 mm.

Screw Machines AMTH

Screw machines

Screw machines - used mainly in the serial production of the product, electric or precision mechanics, combined with manual electro or pneumodrive. This is the basis for the use of functional - reliable, ergonomic, semi-automatic workplace.

Jun-Air compressors

Jun-Air compressors

Jun-Air compressors differ compactness construction, elegant design, high quality assembly, which makes them very convenient for installation directly in the workplace. Stomatology, laboratory, food industry, printing industry, medicine and health care are just some of the most typical areas of Jun-Air compressors

3D Machining Centers GoCNC

AMTH-3D-CNC / Modeling / Hobbies

Since the beginning of our development in 2008, we were the "pioneers" in the field of mini-milling machines for the home. Through continuous improvement of products, innovation, new developments, and sequence advances, we managed to become the leading provider in terms of price / quality. Even on the international market, CNC machines GoCNC sold with great recognition and success

Machining Centers

ISEL / CNC Machines / Milling cutters / Aluminum profile

The AMTH company represents the equipment of the Isel automation AG company, Germany for a manipulation with various objects (products, details), controls of peripherals (batchers, screw driver, scanners and so forth) and for processing of various materials from a woods, plastics, light-alloy metals, and also the tool for processing of materials, productions MPK Kemmer, Germany.

Soldering irons and soldering stations

Soldering equipment

Soldering irons, are applied at a tinning, the soldering, heating of details and gumboil, melt the solder and applying it to the place of contact. We have a huge range of soldering irons, soldering and repair stations, accumulator soldering irons, accessories and other. Only from the German producer.



The AMTH company represents manual and automatic batchers. The equipment of such firms is presented: EFD, GRACO, ANDA, AUTOTRONIK. Has a wide range of applications, drawing sheetings on the printed-circuit board and components, filling of protective material under the case, drawing and dispensing of glue, soldering paste, filling of light-emitting diodes, other.

Screen Printing Machines

Screen Printing Machines

Manual and fully automatic machines for screen printing, putting soldering paste, inspection of the printed-circuit board. Manual the printer use in small-scale production, for large volumes it is recommended - automatic. Quality assurance.

Equipment for the production of PCB

Equipment for production of printed-circuit boards

A wide range of equipment for the production of printed circuit boards. Here you will find a device for cutting and drilling of printed circuit boards; devices metallizing, exposure and tinning; Devices for developing, etching, removing the photoresist and photomask manufacturing equipment and many other things.

Mounting and soldering of components

Mounting and soldering of components

In this category you will find machines for mounting and soldering of electronic components, devices for counting and trim components and systems manufacturing, stencil cleaning and much more. The equipment of the famous world companies: UNIVERSAL, AUTOTRONIK, TOLO, DekTec, Olamef, Genitec, JOT Automation, ZipaTec and others.

Installation of SMD components

Automatic mounting of SMD components

The AMTH company represents the equipment on installation of SMD components from the known companies: AUTOTRONIK (Germany), UNIVERSAL (USA), EVEST (Taiwan) which in the world market many years also proved as manufacturers of the qualitative and reliable equipment.

Storage of electronic components

Automatic storage system of electronic components

Automatic storage system intended for storage, acceptance, placement and issuing SMD reels and trays, controlling life span moisture sensitive devices (MSDS), maintaining the the necessary level of humidity in the automatic mode. Manufacturer Germany.

Conveyors and lifting systems

Conveyors and lifting systems for transporting

We present to your attention mini lifts, conveyor systems and the equipment for transportation of materials, pallets, printed-circuit boards and other and also the auxiliary equipment / pilers (JOT Automation Ltd, Promass Assembly Systems BV, EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH).

Electric tools

Electric tools

Quality Electric instrument made in Germany. Here various screw-drivers, bayonet and face keys, the measuring tool, tools for mounting\dismantling and much more. The manufacturer of this production are firms Wiha, Erem, Xcelite, Wire-Wrap, are known for the quality and reliability of the tool.

Materials for the production and maintenance of electrical engineering

Materials for the production and maintenance of electrical engineering

Operational delivery of materials for production, repair and maintenance of electronic equipment. Delivered production: flux, flux-gels, solder, solder paste, paints, cleaners, lubricants, sealants, adhesives, safety equipment, foil and other products, companies and brands Stannol, Kester, Heraeus, CRC Kontakt Chemie, Cramolin (ITW), Henkel (Multicore, Loctite, Hysol), EFD, DatumAlloys, ELMA, EPO-TEK, SOL Epoxy, Peters and Macdermid.

Cleaning systems

Cleaning systems

We are glad to offer our customers ultrasonic cleaning systems for printed circuit boards, templates and stencils (Elma, Genitec), inkjet cleaning system (Neukum-elektronik, AAT), equipment for sewage treatment (Mega Electronics) and mechanical cleaning of printed circuit boards (Mega Electronics).

Equipment for testing

Equipment for testing

This section you will find the equipment for testing and diagnostics, environmental chambers and vibration test and too optical inspection, verification of solder materials and roentgenoscopy.

Processing of wires and cables

Processing of wires and cables

This section contains a system for processing wire and cable. The equipment has the capability of cutting, filing, stripping of wires and can be connected to optional marking machine. The manufacturer of such systems are the company Artos, CAB, Junquan.

VORWERK / Thermomix

VORWERK / Thermomix

All the best for your family!

Vorwerk - one of the largest system of direct sales in Europe.

Thermomix - a successful result of combining wishes of clients and technology.

Direct delivery of electrical engineering from Germany

Supply of equipment for directories from Germany

Supply of equipment for directories from Germany known brands: Conrad, Wessels & Müller, HEINRICH KIPP WERK, Isel Germany AG, proMa / systro, Provita Medical GmbH


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